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Can’t Keep Up with the Dust?

We’re all busy living life and keeping up with the dust around our homes is simply something that we can’t do alone. Dirt, Dust and Dander are constantly accumulating on our floors and our Neato robot vacuums are up for the challenge. Here’s what our Ultimate Cleaning Machine can bring to your home.


Being able to know when and where to find the dust takes clever thinking. Neato Intelligent Robot Vacuums use LaserSmart smart map navigation with LiDAR, the same technology found on self-driving cars, to vacuum your home quickly and efficiently, leaving Dirt, Dust and Dander no place to hide.


Dust doesn’t give up easily. It takes real muscle to extract it once it’s deeply embedded in carpets and rugs. Neato matches an XXL vacuum motor, brush and filter to create Spinflow® – a robust vacuum system designed to pull up even the most stubborn Dirt, Dust and Dander. Dust doesn’t stand a chance.


With its unique D-Shape and premium finish, Neato isn’t just effective at keeping up with the dust, it looks good doing it too—and those looks aren’t just skin deep. The D-shape allows Neato to catch sneaky dust in corners and along edges that round robots can’t reach. As for its discreet Slimline Charge Base, this allows Neato to make a Quick Boost pit stop to charge up just enough to finish the job without wasting time recharging for more time than is needed.

Start keeping up with the dust with Neato Robotics. Shop all Neato products.

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